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Hopewell - First Pilsner 4pk

$0.00  ·  4 - 16 oz
Pilsner beer brewed in Chicago, IL
It's the first beer brewed by Hopewell and the one people enjoy reaching to time and time again. Delicious bready and malty with a crisp and refreshing finish - there's not much else you can say about a tradition.

Perfect for:

Game Day
  • StyleLager
  • LocationChicago, IL
  • ABV5.1%
Hopewell Brewing Company
About the brand:

Hopewell Brewing Company

Since 2016 Hopewell has been making bright, clean, and modern beer for the aficionados and newbies alike. With a model of people over profits - community over personal gain - Hopewell's balanced, thoughtful approach has made it a Chicago must-have

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