Juneshine Hard Kombucha - Honey Ginger Lemon - 6pk

$14.00  ·  6 - 12 oz Cans
Hard Kombucha brewed in San Diego, California with ginger juice, organic honey, and lemon. Juneshine is a Certified Climate Neutral company and donates 1% of all sales to environmental nonprofits through 1% For The Planet.

Why You'll Love It:

Get your daily dose of probiotics and a buzz with this boozy kombucha. Comprised of the feel good triad of organic ginger juice, organic honey and organic lemon, this sip help soothes stomach issues and nausea. And since it’s sweetened with honey, you don’t have to worry about a sugar crash or worse—a sugar hangover.
  • StyleHard Kombucha
  • LocationSan Diego, CA
  • ABV6%
About the brand:


Organic, probiotic, and gluten free, this is Juneshine. Utilizing their own homemade kombucha recipe with organic juices and spices to taste, they yield a unique and refreshingly smooth hard 'booch without the junk like GMOs, pesticides, or syrups.

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