Kid Sister - Duo #1

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running legs

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A duo of both of our original Kid Sister projects, starring the French Rosé bursting with notes of cherry preserves, Red Anjou pears, and cantaloupe; and the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with a palate of key lime, honeydew, cantaloupe, green apple, and passionfruit. Who knew our favorite kid sister was so well-traveled?

Why You'll Love It:

Kid Sister is our ode to exploration, creativity, and spunky attitude in the wine world. Both of these wines come from small, lesser-known regions in their respective countries, and we wanted to showcase these unsung producers with their own voice! Nothing stuffy, nothing overpriced—just a kid sister getting her do's in the form of seasonal flavors, food-friendly tastes, and year-round enjoyability that's only available at Foxtrot.