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Kitchen Sink Sampler

$100.00  ·  1 Gift Box
This is it, folks. If this assortment lasts you for days or is devoured on sight at the party, we guarantee nothing but mmm-worthy moments of chocolate, chewy, fruity, snappy, crunchy, salty, and gummy. This gift consists of 2 gummy mixes, 2 candy mixes, 3 creme pies, 6 brownies, and 2 wafer cookies. Phew, that was a mouthful, but not as full as the housewarming will be when you bust out our homemade sweets! This is a true shoo-in for all sweet tooths (sweet teeth?) out there.
There are no wrong moves when it comes to enjoying dessert, so we like to think of this treasure chest of sweets as the answer to any occasion. Our pastry chefs spent months customizing their picks, so you and your friends can have a freshly baked mmmm-worthy moment with each bite (hope you saved room for 2nds).

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