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Lobster Mac & Cheese

$15.00  ·  14 oz
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30 min delivery · 5 min pickup

It starts with fresh, sustainable, and delicious lobster harvested from the Gulf of Maine by the professional hands of Luke’s Lobster. While we poach those babies in butter we’re making from-scratch cavatappi and preparing a roux for our 7-cheese mornay sauce—the French gratin-style with a bechamel, spices, and garlic. The final assembly is poached in celery, butter, and lemon, covered in garlic and old-bay breadcrumbs, and emerges bubbling from our crock. Made fresh daily. Arrives room temp with reheating instructions.
The most luxurious form of our childhood favorite has emerged bubbling over from our crock and ready for your mouth. Serving big bistro vibes with nothing but premium ingredients and homemade care, we endearingly nick-name this mac the “Unicorn Mac & Cheese.” It’s the closest to French cooking, Main lobster, and seven unique, tangy, smoky cheeses you’ll find in one spot and at your door in 30 minutes. So when the weather’s cool and you need the taste of comfort and the aroma of nostalgia at the dinner table, our team of Chefs has your back.

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