Lubanzi, 'Rainboat' Pét-Nat

$24.99  ·  750 ml
running legs

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Wild strawberries, grapefruit, a splash of herby kombucha, and candy floss.

Why You'll Love It:

Pet Nat fans, IYKYK. This variety of wine is polarizing in the wine community, but we personally find it fun, scrumptious, and exciting. This particular number is made with 100% organic Cinsault grapes from the Swartland in South Africa, and has a savory and bright quality about it. It's a funky pink marvel that pairs excellently with a hot night and a hot debate.

Perfect for:

  • LocationW.O. Swartland
  • Vintage2021
  • VarietyCinsault
  • ABV12%
  • SweetnessDry
  • BodyLight
  • Winemaking Style100% Organic Cinsault handpicked February 17, 2021. Natural fermentation, bottled unfiltered, unfined, and without added SO2.