Michael Lavelle Iris Rosé

$24.99  ·  750 ml
running legs

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Cherry, strawberry, watermelon.

Why You'll Love It:

This Central Coast Cali number is the social event of the season from one of our favorite Black-owned wineries. Aaron "Michael" Coad and Terrence "Lavelle" Low are the youngest Black winery owners, but their dedication to craft and style is proof that you don't need "years of experience" to make something impactfully delicious. With brilliant originality and culturally relevant winemaking practices leading their brand, this Rosé makes everyone's favorite summer sip live all year round. It's crisp, it's fresh, and has a sophisticated fruit palate we can't get enough of. Definitely add this bottle to the "table wine" rotation.

Perfect for:

  • LocationCentral Coast, CA
  • Vintage2020
  • VarietyRosé Blend
  • ABV11%
  • SweetnessBone Dry
  • BodyLight
  • Winemaking StyleSustainably sourced and harvested, native yeast fermentation, not filtered