Misoo Aperitivo Spritz

$8.50  ·  350 ml
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Misso (pronounced my-soo) is a refreshing, all-natural, wine-based aperitivo spritz in a can. Ready to drink with a burst of citrus on the palate complemented by an herbal complexity. Serve straight from the can or over ice with an orange round. Two servings per can.

Why You'll Love It:

Two servings are twice as nice, so we're not complaining. This Italian Spritz is potent with crisp bitters and herby citrus, creating feelings of sun-drenched piazzas in the coastal Southern Italian towns. All in a can. The drinkability here is astoundingly unique yet oh-so refreshing (and crushable).
  • StyleLiquors/Cordials
  • LocationUSA
  • ABV8%