Oatly - Oatgurt Strawberry

$2.50  ·  5.3 oz
Non-dairy, full-fat yogurt alternative made with Oatly oat milk and a natural strawberry jam.

Why You'll Love It:

"Oatgurt" is a weird word, right? Anyway - like your favorite good-quality, fruit-on-the-bottom strawberry yogurt, this one is instead made from beautiful oats grown from the earth that were thoughtful enough to skip the cow alternative. Creamy and delicious - it's the yogurt alternative for the classic strawberry lover.
About the brand:


Since 1990, Oatly's been making it easy for people to turn what they eat and drink into personal moments of healthy joy without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process. Today the independent Swedish deliciously thrives in over 20 countries

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