Old World vs. New World Pinot Noir

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running legs

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Two expressions of classic and current Pinot Noir: one from Vincent Giardin's 17th c. Burgundy, FR acreage in the Cuvée St. Vincent, and the other from André Hueston Mack's 2007 Maison Noir project in Other People's Pinot Noir.

Don't get us wrong, we're not pitting the regions against each other, we're just showing you the beauty of both old-world Burgundy, and newer-school Oregon. After Vincent revitalized his family's Burgundy winery in 1980, connoisseurs from all over the world quickly recognized the powerhouse of quality that emerged from the small production. As for André, consider this earmark Willamette Valley. It is accessible, a great value, and works in tandem with his exciting and edgy lifestyle/street culture project of the same name.

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