Old World vs. New World Sauvignon Blanc

$48.60  $54.00  ·  bundle

Two expressions of Sauvignon Blanc: one from Domaine Du Nozay's 17th c. farmland out of the famed Sancerre region of France, and the other from Sandy Cove's minimal-intervention operation founded in 2003 and their beautiful Marlborough, NZ Sauvy B.

Why You'll Love It:

It's not a "versus" situation, but a quick reminder of where we started and where we're going. Two winemakers with boundless enthusiasm and effusive intelligence are showing you their best. The Sancerre takes you to a classically opulent sipping experience, and perfectly expresses France's endlessly enchanting terroir. While the Sandy Cove comes from an NZ Sauvy B master, made in limited quantities, and grossly overdelivers on the price point for the rich, round quality you're getting.