Opopop - Variety Pack With Bowl

$30.00  ·  16.9 oz
Opopop is a small-batched food company specializing in our favorite movie snack: popcorn. This Variety Pack includes their hand-grown kernels with gourmet ingredients, including: Vanilla Cake Pop, Cinnaliscious, Maui Heat, Chedapeño, Fancy Butter, and Salted Umami. Comes with a Test Launch pack of popcorn, and their custom, collapsible, microwave-safe popcorn bowl to pop it in.

Why You'll Love It:

It's the tester that hooked up, because every bowl of our favorite party snack deserves to be perfect. But Opopop's consideration doesn't stop there. They plant and grow each of their kernels themselves to ensure quality—from tilling the soil to harvesting that sweet, sweet snack. And after an infusion of gourmet ingredients and mad-scientist-like flavor exploration, it's a true standout in the pantry (we say that a lot, but it's true here, once again). Not to mention that slick bowl saves so much time and ease.

Perfect for:

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