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Oregon Pinot Noir Two Ways

$55.00  ·  bundle
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A gift bundle showcasing dual expressions of Pinot Noir, complete with tasting notes and a custom wine tote. Featuring two Willamette Valley makes: Amity Vineyards White Pinot Noir, and Maison Noir Wines, Other People's Pinot Noir.

While they’re both examples of earmark Willamette wine, they’re made entirely different. White Pinot Noir is the result of juicing, fermenting, and treating red wine grapes in the style of white wine. Call it Pinot Blanc if it makes you feel better, but either way, Amity Vineyards is serving up vibrant acidity, beautiful aromatics, and great transparency. While Maison Noir is giving us herb-framed flavors, impeccable value for the quality, and a true-to-terroir palate.

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