Up & Comers Finalist

Parch Non-Alcoholic Prickly Paloma

$19.99  ·  4 - 8.4 oz cans
running legs

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Cherry Bombe Women in Food Finalist. A citrus & bittersweet cocktail that showcases the lively pairing of earthy agave, grapefruit bitters, jicama, lime, hibiscus and desert botanicals Parch makes non-alcoholic agave spirits and cocktails inspired by the Sonoran Desert and the lush biodiversity it keeps. Each sip offers a complex taste from unique pairings of desert ingredients designed to center your mind and body, serving a social drinking experience like no other.

Witnessing a cultural shift to moderation, Parch sought to create a flavor-first, plant-powered, socially conscious n/a beverages that can appeal to the sober, the curious, and those seeking greater balance in their lives.

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