Perfect Snacks - Dark Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter Cups

$3.00  ·  1.4 oz

Organic peanut butter cups made with clean ingredients and 20+ superfoods.

Why You'll Love It:

They're like an Almond Joy bar, except healthier. And made with peanut butter. Okay, so it's really only like an Almond Joy because it has coconut and dark chocolate in it, but you get our point—these cups are delicious. Not only are they made with good-for-you ingredients, they also pack in seven grams of whole food protein. So, you're treating yourself while fueling yourself. We're proud of you.

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Perfect Snacks
About the brand:

Perfect Snacks

15 years ago a family of 15 invented a refrigerated protein snack bar with beliefs in real food, natural solutions, and good vibes. With 20+ superfoods, no GMOs and a completely organic health bill, Perfect Snacks is paving protein-friendly bliss.

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