Pressed Juicery - Chlorophyll Shot

$4.00  ·  .2 oz

This 2oz hydration shot is recommended for anyone looking to add a boost to their H2O, dropping it into 32oz of water for an instant hydration enhancer or taking it as a straight shot.

Why You'll Love It:

But of course you can take it straight with that light and subtle "green tea" taste. But hey, our genetic makeup is close to that of plants -> plants need chlorophyll -> WE need chlorophyl for hydration.

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Pressed Juicery
About the brand:

Pressed Juicery

High-nutrition for all! That's the mission behind Pressed with their line of cold pressed juices, frozen treats, power shots, and more. From the farm to the bottle, the California company has been making healthier choices more accessible since 2010

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