Recess Mood Sticks - Unflavored

$1.49  ·  4 g pouch
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Recess Mood Sticks are small but mighty doses of positivity ready for your morning coffee, smoothie, or other drink. Made with magnesium L-threonate to promote feel-good neurotransmitters, passionflower to balance the ups and downs, L-theanine to encourage a focused calm, and electrolytes to help keep you extra hydrated. Simply mix the powder with your favorite bev and drink in the feels.

Mood Sticks are how you can take a recess from life at the drop of a hat. On average, we're pretty magnesium-deficient from day to day (booo!), which makes it difficult for our brains to produce feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. This is where Recess comes in with the L-threonate that's shown to increase magnesium levels in the brain and lift our spirits! Having a rough day? Dump one of these into your drink, exchange goodbyes with your old mood, and get to know your new one.

Perfect for:

A nice pick-me-upUpping my pantry game

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