Revolution - Hazy Hero IPA 6pk

$0.00  ·  6 - 12 oz Cans
New England IPA brewed in Chicago, IL. This brew is the next advancement in Revolution’s Hazy IPA program. Brewed with American hops, it has a smooth and velvety body that’s home to a fruit-forward flavor and a refreshing finish. It’s a year-round mainstay for the brewery and rings in at 7.3% ABV.
  • StyleHazy IPA
  • LocationChicago, IL
  • ABV7.30%
Revolution Brewing Company
About the brand:

Revolution Brewing Company

Illinois's largest independently owned brewery has been out here doing its thing since 2010. Leaders & innovators in the craft beer industry, they've put out dozens of varieties across all beer types from stouts to pilsners, forever committed to quality.

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