SandyGiovese - Vino Rosso 3L Box

$36.99  ·  3L Box
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Organically and sustainably produced Tuscan red wine. 3 Liters.

Why You'll Love It:

Take everything you know about a box of wine and throw it out the window. Aside from a rabid endorsement from Andre Mack himself, this Italian red is totally organic, is great for the environment (read: it's a box), and it stays vacuum sealed from the first sip to the last drop, for ultra freshness. From the park to your party, this stay lights, silky, and super floral.
  • LocationItaly
  • VintageN/A
  • VarietySangiovese
  • ABV12%
  • SweetnessBone Dry
  • BodyMedium
  • Winemaking StyleSustainable & organic farming, eco-friendly packaging

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