Scribe, Pinot Noir

$48.00  ·  750 ml
Kola nut, rhubarb, cherry and black tea.

Why You'll Love It:

Scribe was made from a mission that believes in smaller winemakers; a deeper connection with the terroir; and reviving the farmlands to create a new forefront in California crafting. This Pinot is rich and fresh with bright fruit, aged for 6 months for a delicate finish, and tastes just as energetic as it's winery is youthful.

Perfect for:

Conversation StarterOccasionsDate Nights
  • LocationSonoma, California
  • Vintage2018
  • VarietyPinot Noir
  • ABV13.5%
  • SweetnessDry
  • BodyMedium
  • Winemaking StyleNative fermentation in concrete and steel vessels, aged in neutral oak.