Straightaway Cocktails - Oregon Old Fashioned 200ml

$0.00  ·  200ml
A craft, ready-to-drink Old Fashioned made with Rye Whiskey, Housemade Bitters of Filber & Fir, Simple Syrup. Stir over ice and (if you're truly civilized) and garnish with a twist of orange.
It's the custom bouquet of Oregon botanicals mixed in that makes this a unique and extremely tasty Old Fashioned reminiscent of nutty warmness and the PNW forest floor. Versatile yet oh-so-simple, this is a regular on our bar cart, and we're pretty pumped for you to take a sip.

Perfect for:

GiftingDate Nights
  • StyleCocktails
  • LocationOregon, USA
  • ABV41.50%