Sunday's Finest Gold Fashioned Cocktail

$150.00  ·  750ml
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Sunday's Finest, ready-to-drink Old Fashioned cocktail. Made from a blend of 8-year Kentucky Straight Bourbon and 5-year Indiana Straight Rye Whiskey. With Demerara sugar and Sunday’s Finest Saffron Bitters to complement—along with an exquisite curation of saffron, vanilla, cacao, orange peel, and gentian root. Each bottle includes a personal orange zest atomizer and a professional pourer spout.

Why You'll Love It:

Now this is truly an uncompromising and unparalleled drinking experience. Sunday's Finest's expert craftspeople achieve the perfect balance of richness, spice, and character so you don't have to. Perhaps it's the best gift ever for a sibling or friend; perhaps it's just for you for the ultimate "treat-yourself". Either way, your rocks glass is in good hands thanks to this completely custom and homemade Old Fashioned you literally will not find anywhere else.
  • StyleCocktails
  • LocationUSA
  • ABV42.20%