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The Spanish Charcuterie Board

$16.00  ·  20 oz

12-month Serrano ham, Framanti chorizo, buttered mahon, 3-month manchego, Foxtrot olive blend, medjool dates, grapes, quince mostarda

Why You'll Love It:

We like to think that indulging in a place's food is the next best alternative to traveling there, so with the help of locally sourced meats, cheeses, and our own private label of garnishes, this zesty Spanish Charcuterie Board is basically our way of really wishing we were overseas right now.

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12-month serrano ham, Framanti chorizo, buttered mahon (cow's milk), 3-month manchego (sheep's milk), Foxtrot olive blend, medjool dates, grapes, spicy quicos, quince mostarda.