Truly Hard Seltzer - Wild Berry 6pk

$10.50  ·  6pk - 12 oz Cans

Wild berry flavored hard seltzer.

Why You'll Love It:

Made with a refreshing mix of strawberry, raspberry and blackberry flavors, you could say this sip is berry good. But for the sake of us and everyone else at the party, please forgo the pun and just say it tastes great.

  • StyleSeltzer
  • LocationBoston, MA
  • ABV5%
Truly Hard Seltzer
About the brand:

Truly Hard Seltzer

Something different in the seltzer game without the calories, carbs, and sugar of the other guys. Made totally natural and gluten free, Truly is the unsung Summer hero of the hard seltzer with a vast list of experimental fruit flavors as well as classics.

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