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White Claw Variety 12pk

$18.99  ·  12 - 12 oz Cans
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A purely refreshing spiked seltzer with a splash of natural fruit, a touch of pure cane sugar and only 100 calories. No artificial ingredients, preservatives or crystalline fructose here. Gluten-free. Variety pack includes: 4x Natural Lime 4x Black Cherry 4x Ruby Grapefruit

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Hosting a par'tay
  • StyleSeltzer
  • LocationChicago, IL
  • ABV5.00%
White Claw
About the brand:

White Claw

Need me say much? Aside from sweeping the competition to the low-cal alcoholic beverage game, White Claw has upped the profile by crafting real fruit flavors devoid of gluten with record-low sugar in a can. What isn't there to enjoy?

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