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Women-Owned Snacktime Favorites

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This lineup features some of our favorite, most exciting women makers of their time. Featuring flavors from BEHAVE's gummy bears, Tazzy's candy lollipops, Daily Crunch's sprouted nuts, FAVES' fruit candies, and Toodaloo's probiotic trail mix.

Why You'll Love It:

We've sought out brilliant women makers from around the country to bring some imagination and innovation to our favorite time of day: snack time. BEHAVE satiates our adult craving for gummy bears, except founder Mayas Chehata achieves it in 1 gram of sugar and 70 calories per bag (yes, per bag!). Sweet tooth still salivating? Because Delia Hughes and Lindsay Simon are bringing lollipops back but leaving sugar behind with Tazzy. Not to mention FAVES Fruit Chews literally being better-for-you Starbursts from founder Amy Keller. For the savory side, Diane Orley's Daily Crunch teaches us how sprouted nuts taste better than anything fried in oil. At the same time, Cattie Khoury serves handfuls on handfuls of adaptogens, probiotics, and sweetness in Toodaloo Trail Mix.