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Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - Half Baked

$6.50  ·  1 Pint

Chocolate and vanilla ice cream swirled between chunks of cookie dough and fudgey brownie pieces.

Why You'll Love It:

While there really isn’t a more dynamic duo than our guys, Ben and Jerry, we’d make the argument that chocolate and vanilla comes in a close second. A fan favorite from the start, their pint of Half Baked not only combines the best of both worlds, but also puts an end to choosing between the brownie or the cookie. So if decisions just aren't your forte, this iconic flavor is for you. And better yet, if you’re looking for a little altruism in your scoop, the pair makes all their ice cream using non-GMO ingredients and are fair-trade certified.

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About the brand:

Ben & Jerry's

Since its start in a gas station in Virginia, Ben & Jerry's has come a long way in transforming into one of the most iconic brands in ice cream. Corp B and Fair Trade certified, the brand uses ethical ingredients so every scoop tastes good and does good.