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Metric Coffee - Foxtrot Blend Whole Bean

$14.00  ·  12 oz

Dallas, say hello to Chicago favorite, Metric Coffee! For just this week, we're swapping hometown faves with our sister city to give you a taste of our favorite brew from the Windy City—just grab a cup of our drip or get a bag of beans!

Why You'll Love It:

Bright notes of stone fruit, apple and citrus designed to accompany you on those cold commutes or long weekend mornings. If you would like your coffee ground to order, shoot us a message in the delivery notes! Let us know how you brew your coffee at home, and our baristas will sort out the rest. Whole beans, locally roasted by Metric Coffee.

Metric Coffee
About the brand:

Metric Coffee

"Metric" comes from two ideas: as a unit of measurement for roasting and yielding the perfect cup, but also as a measurement of standards for collaboration and growth with their growers across the world - a philosophy of fair trade and clean sourcing