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Frönen Dairy Free Dessert - Strawberry

$6.50  ·  1 Pint

Dairy free strawberry ice cream made using strawberries, coconut cream, banana and honey.

Why You'll Love It:

If dairy’s got you down or you just are looking for a fruitier dessert, grab your spoon and pick up this pint. It’s made using four simple ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. No artificial this or fake that, just fresh fruit and a little touch of honey. It’s refreshing, delicious, and naturally low cal so you can put down the whole thing without a second thought (we did the math, it’s about 320 calories for the whole thing). So if you’re trying to find that sweet spot of healthy indulgence, this should be your pick. Even better, it’s made right here in Chicago.

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Dairy FreeDairy Free
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About the brand:


Frönen was founded in an effort to not let food allergies restrict one of life’s greatest joys – ice cream. Using only simple and recognizable ingredients, Frönen allows you to indulge without having to compromise between health and taste.