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Coolhaus Ice Cream Sammies - Gimme S'mores

$5.50  ·  1 Sammie

S’mores cookie butter ice cream sandwiched between graham toasted marshmallow chocolate chip cookies.

Why You'll Love It:

The worst part of a campfire? Smelling like smoke. The best part of a campfire? The s’mores. How do you get one without the other? This sandwich. It has all the goodness of the fireside treat you remember from your camp days, without having to dance that fine line between golden and burnt mallows. If you feel inclined to sing kumbaya while eating it, that’s totally your call.

Perfect for:

Sunday FundaySpecial Occasion
About the brand:


Matching backgrounds in real estate and design led Coolhaus's founders, Natasha and Freya, to craft innovative frozen desserts that marries their love for architecture with their taste for ice cream.