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I. Brand & Family Monte Bello Cabernet

$90.00  ·  750 ml

I Brand & Family Monte Bello Road Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from California’s Salinas Valley atop Monte Bello, home primarily to vineyards of the historic Ridge winery. With very few sites not controlled by Ridge, it’s a rare opportunity to make wine from grapes here, and Ian Brand delivers on the occasion. Ample California sun, tannic structure from high elevation vines, limestone substrates (that dreamy wine-producing sediment), and more than 2 years of aging all come together for the purest expression of Cabernet you’ll find from a region that’s often dominated by overly trendy and stylized wines. By approaching his winemaking with no agenda and one question - what makes this special? - Brand lets the terroir shine as his guide. Only 4-5 cases of this wine made it to Chicago this year. We bought most of it. California 2015 | 14.8% ABV

I. Brand
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