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Graeter's Ice Cream - Madagascar Vanilla

$8.00  ·  1 pint

Classic vanilla ice cream made with fresh ground vanilla beans sourced from Bourbon Isle, off the coast of Madagascar.

Why You'll Love It:

They always say that the true power of an ice cream brand lies in the quality of their vanilla flavor. Luckily, Graeter’s delivers on the classic taste with this handcrafted scoop. It’s made with what’s considered to be the world’s finest vanilla beans from off the coast of Madagascar, so you won’t get any of that fake imitation vanilla taste. They also make their ice cream in French pots, resulting in a thicker and richer dessert. Basically, all this is to say that this vanilla ice cream is anything but plain. It’s simple yet complex which is a flavor profile you’ll just have to taste to understand.

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About the brand:


The only commercial ice cream maker in the world using French Pot freezers, the Graeter family holds steadfast to their small batch technique for over 145 years in order to produce ice cream with a thicker consistency and richer taste.