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Coolhaus Ice Cream Sammies Dairy Free Dirty Mint

$5.50  ·  1 sammie

Made with fresh sprigs of mint and dark chocolate chips, dairy-free mint chip ice cream is layered between two double chocolate cookies.

Why You'll Love It:

While it goes without saying, the number one reason you’ll love it is because it’s delicious. But if that’s somehow not enticing enough for you, it’s also 100% dairy free. So you still get all the indulgence without having to worry about your stomach or the animals since it's made with Coolhaus’s signature vegan base. Because let’s be honest, life’s too short and you should never have to compromise when it comes to dessert.

Perfect for:

Sunday FundaySpecial Occasion
Dairy FreeDairy Free
About the brand:


Matching backgrounds in real estate and design led Coolhaus's founders, Natasha and Freya, to craft innovative frozen desserts that marries their love for architecture with their taste for ice cream.