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Oatly - Original Oat Milk

$6.00  ·  64 oz

Milk alternative made from oats Unless you're fairly new to the alternative milk game, you’ve probably heard of Oatly. But in case you haven’t, it’s a dairy-free bev that's made with 100% gluten-free oats and is completely vegan. Cool, right? That’s not all. It’s also sustainably made and enriched with vitamins A, D and B12 as well as minerals like calcium. We're not even finished yet. It’s also a one-to-one equation when using it in a recipe, so you don’t have to deep dive into Google to find some equivalency chart. Also, it just tastes great. Okay, now we're done.

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EverydayPantry StapleBrunch
Gluten FreeGluten Free
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