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    Les Terrasses Chinon Cabernet Franc

    $20.00  ·  750 ml

    Cabernet Franc from Chinon in the Loire Valley of France. If you asked us (which you did by reading this description), we’d say that the little village of Chinon is were the most delicate and delicious Cabernet Franc is grown. This bottle speaks to some of the best characteristics of the area as it’s fruity and aromatic with a light body. It’s also certified organic and made using biodynamic methods. Wine with a conscience? Cheers to that.

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    • LocationLoire Valley, France
    • Vintage2017
    • VarietyCabernet Franc
    • ABV12.5
    • SweetnessBone Dry
    • BodyMedium
    • Winemaking StyleOrganic, biodynamic, sustainable