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    Discover Local Craft Lagers - Duo

    $23.00  ·  1 package

    Bundle includes: 6 x 12oz Hopewell First Lager 4 x 16oz Pipeworks Premium Pilsner

    Why You'll Love It:

    If you usually find yourself reaching for a Budweiser or Miller, try these local craft options. One's a clean and bright lager from the beloved Hopewell Brewery. It has a bread malt character that's nicely balanced with a firm dosing of Tettnang, a classic noble hop. The second in the duo is the Premium Pilsner from Pipeworks (say that five times fast). A rarity from the brewery known for its IPAs and stouts, this pilsner really hits it out of the park. Rumor has it, it's our beverage director's personal favorite when it comes to craft pilsners.