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    Lagar de Darei, Red Blend

    $15.00  ·  750 mL

    Charcoal smoke, tart purple fruits and bay leaf.

    Why You'll Love It:

    This wine comes from a traditional, organic wine estate called Lagar de Darei. It’s located in the Dão region of Portugal in a small town called Darei (like population of 40 small!). They make a very limited amount of wine and most of it is consumed locally. Getting your hands on such a small and intimate production is pretty rare, so this is definitely a bottle worth trying.

    • LocationD�o, Portugal
    • Vintage2014
    • VarietyRed Blend
    • ABV13.6
    • SweetnessBone Dry
    • BodyMedium
    • Winemaking StyleNative fermentaion in cement vats