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Boy Smells Candle - Pride LES

$34.00  ·  8.5 oz

HEALING: Boy Smells is proudly partnering with The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for the LGBTQIA+ youth community, with all purchases contributing towards a $26,500 minimum. Each Boy Smells scent in the spectrum is a coconut/beeswax blend with a braided cotton wick with a burntime of 50 hours.

Why You'll Love It:

In the French language, LES is the plural article used for both masculine and feminine nouns. With that in mind, Boy Smells curated this unexpected, cross-cultural, olfactive exploration of eclecticism, embracing a plurality of scents, not a binary. Theatrical blossoming peach blossom clashes with juicy black currant; evocative cardamon and sweet jasmine mingle and mesh with white cedar and ripe Asian pear.

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