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    Cakebread Chardonnay

    $45.00  ·  750 mL

    A full-bodied, buttery Napa Chardonnay with taste notes of ripe golden apple, white peach, and toasted oak. 750ml.

    Why You'll Love It:

    We take Cakebread as a shelf-staple do to it being one the most iconic Napa Valley producers; this Chard' is no different. A creamy texture, long finish, and fruity top notes make this a multi-layered sipping experience to be enjoyed at any house-warming (or solo on the porch).

    Perfect for:

    Special OccasionDinner
    • LocationNapa Valley
    • Vintage2018
    • VarietyChardonnay
    • ABV13.7
    • SweetnessDry
    • BodyFull
    • Winemaking StyleCertified Napa Green, 1/3 aged in French oak