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A Tribute to Grace Santa Barbara Highlands Rosé

$0.00  ·  750 mL

Stawberry fields (forever), herb garden, and orange blossom.

Why You'll Love It:

Angela Osborn is quickly becoming one of the premier winemakers in Santa Barbara. If you don't know the name give it a quick Google, marvel in her experimentation and top-notch production, and come back to us with thoughts. A true rosé made from 100% Grenache (which there's excruciatingly little of, so stash some away).

Perfect for:

Date NightEverydayPartyPatio
  • LocationSanta Barbara County, CA
  • Vintage2019
  • VarietyGrenache
  • ABV12.3
  • SweetnessDry
  • BodyMedium
  • Winemaking StyleOrganic, native yeast fermentation