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Hop Butcher - Normalize the Signal

$16.00  ·  4 - 16 oz Cans

American Imperial IPA brewed in Darien, IL | 7.5% ABV

Why You'll Love It:

This Mosaic and Sabro-hopped DIPA is light on its feet, beginning like a tropical mango candy before a streak of pine’y dankness cuts in like a bad signal (except this one tastes delicious). Juicy, unique, and beckons another sip.

  • StyleHazy IPA
  • LocationDarien, IL
  • ABV7.50%
Hop Butcher
About the brand:

Hop Butcher

Recognize the Carl Sandburg quote? Hop Butcher's inspired operation runs on the principles of vast experimentation with their naturally sourced hops; tireless and passionate craftsmanship to beer; and friendly collaboration and distribution to the world.