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Marz & Foxtrot Collaboration - What's Poppin' Hazy Pale Ale w/ Bubble Gum Tea

$14.00  ·  4 - 12 oz cans

A special, limited release canning between Foxtrot and Marz Brewing! Beyond being a tasty brew, $1 of each unit sold goes back to the Community Kitchen Project in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood; amongst their continued mission of providing charitable food program services, they're also producing meals for individuals who are suffering from the effects of the global pandemic.

Why You'll Love It:

Let's talk Marz; let's talk beer: The brew itself was with our friends at Marz Brewing, helping us curate a wholly original, seasonal, fruity, hazy pale ale to quell any summer day. Juicy, aromatic, with an extra wrinkle of real bubblegum tea, we're confident we've got a winner worthy of the Community Kitchen's good cause. Limited release, folks, so get it while it's hot (cold)!

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