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is/was brewing - good sitter blond biere de garde

$8.00  ·  500 mL

Blond Biere de Garde made with floor malted pilsner malt, raw spelt berries from Janie's Mill in Ashkum, IL and an English hop called Brambling Cross. Bottle Conditioned.

Why You'll Love It:

‘Good Sitter’ is inspired by a trip to Au Baron, a French farmhouse brewery located on the Belgian border. ⁣ The process to make 'Good Sitter' is more traditional to how Biere de Garde was originally produced as opposed to the cold fermented amber lager it has morphed into over time. ⁣ The result is a delicate melange of pear, ripe banana, black raspberry, lemon rind, black peppercorn, plum, hearty country bread, and black currant with a full body that belies its lean and satisfying finish.⁣ ⁣

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