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Farm Steady - Sourdough Bread Making Kit

$50.00  ·  1.5 lbs

Including absolutely all the specialty baking equipment you need to make your own thick-crusted, tangy (and highly sharable) sourdough, this kit simplifies the sourdough process into a few easy steps designed for flawless loaves. Sourdough Bread Baking Kit Includes: Round Natural Fiber Banneton, Fabric Banneton Cover, Bread Lame (Metal & Wood + Replacement Blades), Bench Scraper (Metal + Wood), Flexible Dough Scraper (Plastic).

Why You'll Love It:

Making sourdough is 2020 mood, tbh. But also, who can resist the feeling of accomplishment and subsequent wash of success when you craft your very own hearty, tangy, chewy loaf of sourdough? You better snag one for yourself and another for a friend.

Perfect for:

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