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JuneShine Hard Kombucha - Backcountry Booch

$6.00  ·  16 oz

Hard kombucha brewed in San Diego, California. 4% of sales are donated to Protect Our Winters - nonprofit dedicated to finding solutions to climate change.

Why You'll Love It:

Don't be thrown by the blue. This is a ridiculously refreshing combination of tangerine, lemon, lime, pineapple, orange, ginseng and blue spirulina. Like, what else can be said about it? JuneShine has yet to let us down.

Perfect for:

EverydaySunday Funday
  • StyleHard Kombucha
  • LocationSan Diego, CA
  • ABV6%
About the brand:


Organic, probiotic, and gluten free, this is Juneshine. Utilizing their own homemade kombucha recipe with organic juices and spices to taste, they yield a unique and refreshingly smooth hard 'booch without the junk like GMOs, pesticides, or syrups.