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Foxtrot x Mindy's - Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit

$0.00  ·  1 Kit

We've teamed up with Mindy (of Mindy's Bakery in Chicago) to bring you a bake-at-home kit of her own Chocolate Chip Cookies. Additional ingredients required include: 1 stick of butter, 1 tsp vanilla extract, and 1 egg.

Why You'll Love It:

So we're pretty damn grateful to have a James Beard Award Winning pastry chef as friend; it means they collab with us on awesome stuff like these cookie kits! Sorry grandma, but Mindy may have you beat here; this is just too perfect (and delicious) of a way to spend an afternoon.

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Mindy's Bakery was founded by James Beard Award Winning Pastry Chef (and local Chicago badass) Mindy Segal. After spending years in the Chicago food industry (and beyond) how lucky we are that she's turned her attention on operating her own tasty bakery.