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Somm. Picks: Ed. 17 - Washington St. v. Napa Cabernet

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Somm. Picks 17 is renamed to "Cabernet cage match 2021". In large part, these wines are on an even playing field: thoughtful producers, mostly neutral French oak aging, same price point, and similar alcohol content. A subjective match, the fun isn't in the victory, but in the tasting journey that'll lead us there (*cue the 'Rocky Balboa' drinking montage).

Why You'll Love It:

It's the famous Napa AVA vs. the rookie Washington State Columbia Valley. Hunt & Harvest boasts the soul of California winemaking, Napa Cabernet and it's rich, complex and opulent profile. Not shying away from the challenge is Andrew Will's Washington State roots, utilizing the valley's extremely unique climate swings that yield a sugar production, tannic structure, and herbal aroma not easily replicated around the world. Sure, you can decide that both of these are winners, but that's no fun.