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Somm. Picks: Ed. 18 - Baby Bordeaux

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Somm. Picks is back with an exploration of Baby Bordeaux. "Baby” is actually a prefix to describe wines that share qualities with a prestigious wine or grape-growing region, but don't share the price point. Just to be clear, this doesn't mean "lesser than" - think of it more as "special" or "left bank" Bordeaux with innate uniqueness and complexity with all the same age'abilty. Our Sommelier wouldn't do you dirty like that, so he's exploring all of the benefits, pairings, and fun of these lesser-known varieties for this issue of Somm. Picks.

Why You'll Love It:

This is the type of Somm. Picks that wine novices and pundits alike can get behind. Treat yourself or a friend to this exploration of new school technique combined with "old world" Bordeaux sensibility, both expressing vibrant, balanced, pinky-out sipping experiences (plus it's also just quality, ageable table wine, so...)