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Carol's Cookie Sampler



A sampler pack of Carol's Cookies, handmade with love here in Chicago. Package Includes one each of: - Chocolate Chip Cookie - Peanut Butter Chocolate Combo - Toffee Crunch Cookie

Why You'll Love It:

You can’t talk about Chicago confectionaries without mentioning the giant cookie-maker, Carol. Since 1990 she’s been a legendary gourmand and pioneer of all things cookie! We figured you should just hit the whole trio for a perfect medley of golden and crispy outsides and buttery, doughy insides.

Carol's Cookie Sampler



What's inside

Carol's Cookies - Peanut Butter Chocolate Combo

A double chocolate dough collides with mounds of smooth, natural peanut butter for a cookie packed with America's favorite combo, pb & chocoate. Pair with your tallest glass of cold milk.

Carol's Cookies - Chocolate Chip

Chicago's old-time favorite that defines, "crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside." Rich semi-sweet chocolate folded into soft, buttery dough. Handmade in Chicago.

Why You'll Love it

The serving size says, "serves four." And we hear that, we really do... but we want the whole thing. Because it only takes one bite of Carol's famous artisanal recipe to be hooked. [Pro tip: 5 seconds in the microwave does a world of wonders.]

Carol's Cookies - Toffee Crunch

Sinfully sweet toffee meets ultra-rich dark chocolate. Handmade with love right here in Chicago.

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