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Foxtrot x Snaxshot: Tastes Like Nostalgia



A custom assortment of nostalgic bites and old-school deliciousness from our friendly food seer, Snaxshot. This love letter to the glory days of snacking features JIF Peanut Butter, Fruit Gushers, Krafts Mac & Cheese, a single-serve Lucky Charms, Dot's Artisan Pretzels, Planters Cheez Balls, Dunkaroos, and our very own Predators vs. Prey Gummy Mix.

Why You'll Love It:

“Yes Snaxshot prides itself on foreseeing the future, but it’s always good to remember where we came from. No matter how much we try to GOOPify snacks, the truth remains, we are 90s kids to the core, the generation of Gushers, Ritz Crackers, Lucky Charms, color-changing magic spoons that are embedded in our DNAs. So hear now, let the congregation acknowledge the second coming of 90s snacks is among us, time to gather the offerings.” -Snaxshot founder, Andrea Hernàndez.

Foxtrot x Snaxshot: Tastes Like Nostalgia



What's inside

Lucky Charms - Mini

Planters Original Cheez Balls

Cheese-flavored snacks bursting with as much nostalgia and cheesiness as you remember.

Why You'll Love it

Back by popular demand, these crunchy, poppable, one-of-a-kind-taste balls of joy make their return to the pantry. And in all of their orange, convenient, cheesy glory.

Dot's Pretzels

A North Dakotan family recipe dusted with their original, top-secret seasoning blend. Each pretzel twist envelopes your taste buds in a delightful swirl of buttery, sweet, and spicy tang in each bite!

Why You'll Love it

“Man, these pretzels are making me thirsty.” Dot’s is a North Dakota darling from a family recipe—dusting each crunchy morsel with a “top-secret” blend of buttery, sweet, and zesty tang. You can’t beat family recipes, after all. So next time you're snagging the party snacks, you know where to find Dot's.

Dunkaroos Cookies

Individual cookie snacks with frosting to dip.

Why You'll Love it

It's 1998. Your chia pet is thriving and you've just made two bomba$$ cookies in your Easy Bake Oven. You tangled another slinky yesterday but it's cool—you've got a pack of these bad boys in your Jansport and now the cool kids want to sit with you.

Foxtrot Predators vs Prey Gummy Mix

Our custom gummy mix featuring sharks, dinosaurs, and Sour Patch Kids (eat them before they eat each other).

Why You'll Love it

Life's short. You can either play with your food or play dead. Here's a feeding frenzy for the animal in all of us.

JIF Peanut Butter Creamy

16oz jar of creamy peanut butter.

Why You'll Love it

Smooth and creamy, delicate and flavorful, not too thing and not too thick; JIF is the end all be all for salty-sweet taste, nostalgia, and that touch of molasses inside for a depth of richness. Jelly is swooning.

Kraft Easy Mac & Cheese Cup

Single-serve cup of microwavable macaroni and cheese

Why You'll Love it

It's your blue-box mac & cheese in a simple, easy to-go format

Top Ramen - Chicken

3oz easy-to-make chicken ramen packet.

Why You'll Love it

College students and the two-jobs hustlers feel us on this one. Top Ramen has your back.

Gushers Super Sour Berry

The snack you use to trade your fruit cup for in middle school is here. With all the sour flavors like mixed berry, blueberry grape, and raspberry lemonade, these chewy and gooey bites are gluten free and contain zero trans fat. We can practically taste our childhood.

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